Pallet Import and Export Logistics in Malta

Pallet Import and Export Logistics in Malta

Pallet shipping is a service provided by Tubeline for the import and export of goods to and from Malta. Malta’s geographical location is ideal for freight companies to dock and refuel or restock their orders to complete their journeys within the best standards. 

What is pallet import and export?

Pallet Shipping / import and export involves the preparing of goods for travel. This is done by placing goods on pallets within specific storage conditions; such as climatized areas for perishable goods or healthcare and pharmaceutical products. During this process, Tubeline caters for pallet delivery & distribution, ensuring that all shipments are strapped, packaged appropriately for optimum security and transported safely to their final destination. 

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Tubeline’s pallet import and export services comprise of:

  • palletised items wrapped in shrink wrap cartons or packaged items on pallets for better containment
  • palletised items corrugated bubble-wrap which are then wrapped to a pallet for increased security
  • palletised items wrapped in custom bubble wrap for instant recognisability
  • palletised items contained in custom built crates for the overall safety of your fragile or high-value imports and exports
shrink wrapped packaging

Tubeline offers low-cost pallet shipping & deliveries with top industry standard results. Our focus on affordability, flexibility in orders placed and convenient logistics offers allow our clients to fully rely on the positive results in our services. 

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Pallet Shipping Options

Tubeline offers a variety of transportation options such as Air Freight, Road Freight and Ocean Freight. We cater to a multitude of market niches and always aim to serve our clients within a reasonable time frame. Our door-to-door service in Malta is offered on all pallet orders and can be maintained by means of our time critical attention. You can opt for:

  • express pallet delivery by Air Freight, or Road Freight or
  • economy pallet delivery by Air Freight, Sea Freight or Road Freight.

When it comes to Ocean Freight, our express routes are mapped out prior to departure to guarantee your pallet imports and exports are delivered in a time-sensitive manner.

aircraft loading freight for transportation

Our fleet of third-party transportation services allows us flexibility in achieving every pallet import and export order; giving you more options and possibilities for your shipment logistics. All our transport services are monitored, tracked and all cargo under our supervision can also be insured.

Personalised Pallet import and export Solutions

This flexibility also allows us to deliver your pallet imports and exports in record time. Tubeline organised customised handling with prioritised loading time and fast-tracked customs clearances. All orders are treated with care and attention to detail, emergency pallet shipments, such as manufacturing parts, pharmaceutical products and other sensitive goods are classed as high priority to ensure orders are maintained to the highest standard.

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Whether you are importing or exporting valuable goods, high-security material or pallets requiring specific attention, the expert logistics advisors at Tubeline will guide you through the best options possible for the safety of your order. 

At Tubeline, we;

  • accept shipments of any shape, size or weight,
  • deliver your pallet import and export goods right to your door,
  • cater for all order quantities; whether single parcels or bulky stock,
  • offer (and highly recommend) cargo insurance to cover any unforeseen damage or loss,
  • track your order to guarantee its safety and order completion,
  • organise customs clearance and surveillance of your goods,
  • guide you through every step of your products’ journey and
  • provide advice and clarification by means of our expert logistic staff.

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Our core principles at Tubeline are constantly adhered to with all our services, pallet import and export included. We strive to deliver your good in quality condition and within realistic time frames. Get in touch with our expert distribution advisors to learn more about our pallet logistics services.