Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Logistics

Medical & Industry-Specific Logistics Solutions

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Logistics

When it comes to the healthcare and pharmaceutical logistics and freight, quality is the key contributor to the overall success of the medical supplies industry.

Tubeline Ltd. is a transport logistics company that offers air, road and sea freight services where a worldwide brokerage of the pharmaceutical industry is assured single-source accountability.

We are devoted to quality in our services, and guarantee that all pharma is delivered in a safe, correct and controlled manner; following Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) across our global network. We guarantee this by integrating practices that value sensitive, high-value pharmaceutical products and deliver them with a door-to-door service.

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Our connections with licensed partners – certified in a number of ISO standards related to medical devices (ISO 13485), environmental management (ISO 14001) and total supply chain management (ISO 9001:2008) – enables us to ship small and large consignments of pharmaceutical goods delivered from temperature-controlled storage to climatized transport solutions; ensuring the entire journey keeps the quality of your products our top priority. 

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Malta

The pharmaceutical industry in Malta is thriving. With international opportunities connecting Malta to a variety of countries. Due to this, the chances of expansion and further improvements upon our shores makes the healthcare industry a viable sector to invest in.

Over the years, the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry in Malta has soared, with increased revenue and additional investment opportunities as a result of innovation on our shores.

Tubeline has greatly shared its freight expertise in the sector; primarily by delivering expert healthcare logistics advice to all its clients. Secondly, by improving international transport solutions and finally with our professional supervision of delivery.

All in all, Tubeline contributes with its freight services that make the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry a measurable asset to the country.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Logistics

Our Healthcare Logistics services include:

Healthcare Logistics Advice

An in-depth understanding of the industry landscape is one of our greatest assets. We’re always happy and available to give the necessary guidance to our healthcare clients. The Pharmaceutical Logistics industry poses many requirements that ensure legitimate distribution of goods; therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the importation / exportation standards and laws needs to be done.

While guiding you through all the necessary steps, Tubeline will also provide advice in relation to the documentation required. Such processes include the application and handling of permits needed in any applicable territory. 

International Transport Solutions

Our team track the transportation of goods from origin to final destination. We monitor transport vehicles, containers and packaging. This process ensures that all goods are stored in appropriate areas ensuring there is no degradation of products. We achieve this through the use of constant temperature control and monitoring.

Our transport solutions and added-value services cater for time-efficient and cost-effective solutions that as a result, bring costs down and improve the overall logistics of the supply chain within the medical sphere. 

Customs Clearance and Supervision

While all paperwork and valid documentation will be handled before our customers’ products make their way to their next destination, setbacks in customs and security are pre-empted with Customs Clearance reports and Customs Supervision services. 

Here, our specialists make sure deliveries are not delayed once they hit the Customs Office. During this period of inspection, all products are stored correctly to ensure no products are damaged or lost. 

Time Critical & Sensitive Freight

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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics need a constant connection to a framework of stake-holders; be they airline solutions or sea arrangements; we handle on-time delivery is handled with an aspect of urgency throughout the Tubeline Ltd. infrastructure. 

We partner with airlines and shipping services that consider our consignments as critical-no-delay products. Ensuring all retailers and consumers receive the highest quality medical supplies in pristine conditions and expected timeframes is our primary concern. 

Our compliance measures rely on the proper handling of healthcare freight shipments, from controlled temperatures to GDP-compliant storage solutions. Our logistics infrastructure may offer over 500 pallet positions to ensure that medical goods supplies can meet demands consistently.

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We pride ourselves in our efforts related to the Healthcare Logistics industry and focus on a number of aspects to ensure a recognised service. We focus on;

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Customs Clearance
  • Third Party Billing
  • Packing and Crating
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Cargo Insurance

Our Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Logistics Services

We are focused in such divisions to assure our clients that your orders are fulfilled with the utmost professionalism; handling every detail for a successful freight-forwarding process

Our team of expert freight-forwaders are devoted in our stance to;

  • Offer comprehensive solutions where our clients trust us to deliver quality service.
  • Follow the standard logistics process guidelines (imports & exports) from starting point to the end receiver.
  • Guide and provide consultation to clients about all the necessary documentation and registration processes to ensure the safety of their imports and exports.
  • Provide a bespoke service to every client, ensuring that all services comply with current shipping requirements.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Logistics

By means of our integrated systems, our freight-forwarding team of logistics agents at Tubeline are able to make the most of the industry’s capacity for your benefit. Our real-time visibility and advancements in shipment tracking solutions give our customers peace of mind. In addition, our equipment logistics protect the quality of your transported goods. 

At Tubeline, we believe that our complex array of solutions within the freight for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Logistics industry can offer flexible services, uniquely designed to transport any quantity of goods in a timely and quality-driven fashion. No supply chain requirement is too challenging for the state-of-the art solutions that we offer.

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