Customs Clearance

Tubeline has taken a leadership stance in the transition to electronic customs processing and was one of the first cargo forwarding agents to conclude a compliance with MEX (Malta Export Customs)

In addition to providing the full range of customs services, Tubeline has been to the fore in proactively supporting the reforms being introduced by customs

Tubeline strongly supports customs goal of partnering more closely with industry to facilitate the rapid implementation of reforms to expedite customs clearance.

Tubeline acts on behalf of importers and exporters to ensure that goods get through customs channels quickly and efficiently.

Experienced staff prepare import and export documents and other forms on behalf of clients in accordance with customs regulations, laws and procedures; offer advice and services attending to commodity, duty rates and VAT, import and export restrictions, exchange rates, methods of customs clearance, insurance requirements, international shipping and transportation regulations and tariff classifications; arrange payments for duties, VAT, storage, freight and transportation of goods.

Tubeline’s staff also provides client representation in dealings with customs administrative offices in case of any dispute on problem shipments.

Customs Clearance Service Drivers

  • Knowledge and experience of local operating procedures
  • Single-point contact for all customs procedures
  • Faster processing and smooth information flow
  • Centralised entry processing to facilitate ease of doing business
  • Focus on compliance management to reduce cargo delays and cost

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