Medical Cannabis Logistics Malta Provider


The Medical Cannabis logistics Malta industry has recently seen a spike in its development with current legislation that allows for complementary treatment with medical-grade cannabis to patients in need of its health benefits. Tubeline caters for the shipping and distribution of medicinal cannabis to and out of Malta.

Tubeline’s service offering covers every step of the process in the Medical Cannabis industry. From the importation of raw materials to be used in the Medical Cannabis Manufacturing industry, to the exportation of the final products for world-wide distribution; our services provide a one-stop-shop for all your medical-grade cannabis import and export needs.

CBD and Medical Cannabis


CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant. The plant itself contains both CBD and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive chemical that is generally known as marijuana.

Tubeline’s distribution of cannabis is linked to both CBD and THC product logistics. We work with GDP compliant operators connected to the import and export of cannabis used for medical practices compliant with the country of import.

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Our Values

Our distribution solutions are based on quality and reassurance; we pride ourselves on our expertise in logistics and strive to maintain the highest of standards.

Medical Cannabis Logistics Advice for Importers & Exporters

Our logistics experts at Tubeline are trained to assist you with professional advice and will provide you with a solution for your medical cannabis logistics requirements. Our experience in shipping, import and export regulations will allow you to make informed decisions on the CBD products you wish to ship in and out of the country.


Tubeline’s friendly and professional CBD logistics advisors are able to provide you with updates on your packages as they travel as freight by air, ocean or road transport. Get in touch with our logistics experts for more information

Medical Cannabis Insurance

Tubeline Ltd can arrange for cargo insurance for all your medical cannabis orders. While cargo insurance is a standard requirement by law, we will offer competitive rates worldwide through DELVAG AG, a Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary. 

Medical Cannabis insurance is necessary for the protection of goods and their secure transit from Point A to Point B. Our full insurance options cover damages that might take place when your CBD products are en route.

Compliant Medical Cannabis Practices

Keeping up to date with the latest logistics regulations could take up valuable time. At Tubeline, we keep you informed with current standard procedures and ensure that all our services are in line with government regulations

Developments in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry are also tracked to ensure the best possible services are presented to our clients. 

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Secure CBD Solutions 

During their transit, all our freight is monitored with high-level security. We ensure that all Tubeline CBD cargo is tracked and under 24 hr surveillance to guarantee the quality and security of your products. 

To ensure no items are misplaced in the delivery process, official personal, customs and security checks as well as delivery personnel are monitored until they arrive at your destination. Contact our experts for your security solutions.

Medical Grade Cannabis Transport

Our expertise at Tubeline lies in the airfreight, oceanfreight and road freight service industry. We strive to deliver a shipping service that gives our clients peace of mind; knowing that their products and cargo will arrive undamaged and in a timely manner

Our transport solutions are temperature controlled to ensure that all products are kept in optimum condition, fit for immediate resale or distribution. Our state-of-the-art transport solutions allow us to maintain high standards within the pharmaceutical cannabis industry in Malta and overseas. 

Medical Cannabis Malta Distribution Provider

In this heavily regulated industry, it is important that imports and exports of medicinal cannabis are dealt with in a reliable, secure and capable manner. At Tubeline, our logistics experts believe that; 

  1. Efficiency in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry should always be top of mind. Our time critical approach ensures speed in delivery while maintaining the quality of all products.
  2. Discretion in the logistics industry is always taken seriously especially within the medical industry.
  3. Reliability is our leading standpoint, with customer service advice, tracking details and after-sales check-ins, a constant priority in our services. 

At Tubeline, we strive to deliver high-quality goods. We do so by providing a CBD logistics solution that is monitored, registered and secure. This serves to give the medical cannabis industry in Malta a solid platform to rely on.

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