Project Cargo Logistics in Malta

Project Cargo Logistics in Malta

Air cargo is a primary channel of import and export logistics around the world. With the fast-paced, on-demand requirements in the project cargo industry, finding ways to deliver goods in a timely and efficient manner is what Tubeline Ltd. strives for as a company. 

Tubeline has formulated a method of project cargo logistics that ensures the safe passage and prompt delivery of goods across the globe. Through our years of experience and thanks to our dedicated logistics experts, we have made it our mission to be a market leader, giving our clients instant access to project cargo possibilities.

What is Project Cargo?

Project cargo is a logistic solution also known as project forwarding or simply; project logistics. This transportation term relates mostly to the forwarding of high value items that may or may not be larger in size. Items such as equipment needed for a variety of industries can be transported through Tubeline Ltd. by means of land, air and sea

This process can be a one-time-shipment but can also be a recurring logistic solution for industry or consumer needs. With the help of heavy duty machinery, such as; cranes, trucks, rail system, planes and ships; larger items are carried from one location to their final destination with the utmost care and attention

As a general rule at Tubeline, our logistic services are offered on a time-critical basis; we value urgency and promise to deliver within reasonable timeframes. When it comes to project cargo, we understand that your products need to be delivered safely and efficiently every single time. 

This sense of urgency is what makes project cargo shipping one of the most challenging, yet rewarding logistic solutions.

Types of Project Cargo Services

Our repertoire of delivery possibilities is endless, from construction material and hazardous goods to fine arts and perishable items; every item of cargo is packed, stored and handled in a proficient and cautious manner.

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The construction industry is soaring, and a constant and consistent store of building material is needed to keep the economy thriving. But there are also a number of large construction tools that may need to be shipped to complete projects successfully and efficiently.

Large machinery such as cranes, and bulk vehicles, as well as raw material needed for construction such as long plumbing cylinders or heavy construction blocks, can all be shipped via Tubeline as project cargo.

Project Cargo for Construction

All construction project cargo handled by Tubeline is monitored throughout its delivery process ensuring that loss and damage is minimised greatly. If you are looking to transport construction material, get in touch with our expert project cargo advisors to learn more. 

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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts industry holds great value, heritage and cultural worth. Safeguarding antiques, paintings and sculptures is what the experts at Tubeline hold as their principle duty when dealing with Fine Arts. 

While artworks are generally considered as high value freight in the shipping industry, should a large consignment of artworks be shipped for an exhibition or gallery opening, this large shipment would be classed as project cargo since the individual pieces being shipped are categorised as one large order travelling for a specific project.

During transportation, all valuable works of art in our care are handled with the utmost care and understanding of storage needed for historical preservation. Temperature controlled storage as well as thorough surveillance are standards in the delivery of all Fine Art. 

Hazardous Freight 

Dangerous goods are sometimes needed across borders, such material includes hazardous products needed for manufacturing purposes. All project cargo that may be considered hazardous is transported with the maximum security required

When irregular orders need to be shipped across the globe, their shape, size, weight and quantity makes a big difference in how it is classed during shipping. Project cargo in the hazardous freight sector relates to the unusual orders that may come in with higher safety measure and larger quantities. These one-off orders are all treated as project cargo.

Such logistics are all conducted under legal regulations and stored in controlled environments for health and safety reasons during transportation.

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Perishable Items 

Project Cargo with perishables

Keeping perishable items fresh and in a resellable condition is vital in the logistics industry. All perishable cargo handled by Tubeline is kept in temperature controlled environments to ensure the overall quality of the produce. 

Should perishable item orders come in large quantities or for specific reasons or out-of-the-ordinary reasons; such as food drives or festivals, items may need to be ordered in bulk to serve the specific project.

When dealing with perishable items, our appointed crew are tasked with frequent checks to ensure all storage settings are at their correct levels

Project Cargo Insurance

While all goods transported in and out of Malta require cargo insurance by law, there are a great percentage of goods in transit that are insufficiently insured. Insurance is a standard factor in project cargo logistics and helps to cover any damages that might affect the quality of your cargo. 

At Tubeline, we provide full-coverage insurance and maintain our standards with DELVAG AG, a Lufthansa Cargo subsidiary known for its professional project cargo logistics insurance options

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Project Cargo mandatory checks

Mandatory Checks

During your shipments’ transition from Point A to Point B, it is our responsibility at Tubeline to guarantee that the transportation runs smoothly. In order to do this; we conduct mandatory checks to ensure that no interruption delays your delivery. Some mandatory checks include:

  • weather forecast monitoring to avoid time issues, 
  • vehicle checks to avoid car breakdowns and
  • road transition checks to avoid delays.

At Tubeline, we also make sure that every shipment has an emergency back-up plan to safeguard the efficient delivery of your order.

Packing and Crating

Tubeline offers professional project cargo packing and crating with every order that is trusted under our care. Industry compliant packing and crating techniques are some of the necessary tools in the successful transportation of cargo. 

Handling OOG cargo

Every item that travels with Tubeline requires specific attention with regards to packing and crating. We offer different palletised packing options such as:

  • shrink wrap cartons or other packaged items, 
  • bubble-wrapped items in corrugated cartons,
  • bubble wrap packaging with customisable carton and
  • customised crates that may be used for fragile cargo.
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Storage and Warehousing

Much like packing and crating, storage and warehousing also plays an important role in the transportation of project cargo. At Tubeline we provide:

  • climatized storage
  • monitored warehousing
  • 24hr surveillance and
  • categorised storage.

Providing a broad range of project cargo logistic options with the optimum storage capacity and facilities – and proper insurance coverage –  is what we strive to provide for every Tubeline client. Get in touch with our project cargo logistic experts to get more information on your next shipment.